5 EASY TIPS- to help you get in the FAT grams.


May 11, 2021
Still to this day, the most asked question once you get started and doing Keto is "HOW DO I GET ALL THIS FAT IN?" The answers are usually quite simple. I think these 5 easy tips below will really help.

#1. When choosing foods, pick a meat that is the most fatty. Example, if you choose chicken breast, go with chicken thighs. Don't choose white fish -pick Salmon- Not sirloin, choose ribeye. Not Turkey burger, choose 80/20 beef. Whenever your protein grams go up, you want the fat grams to go up to. This will help going way over on protein and still have fat left to get in. - If you do have a lower fat protein then just try to add some fat to it. - example chicken breast with added avocado and bacon. This will make up for the chicken breast having no fat.

#2. Always add fats to your veggies. Example, If you are eating broccoli - add some olive oil or some butter. Thus gives you more fat grams and makes it taste better too.

#3. Can always add fats to your coffee. Can add some MCT oil, butter, or KL Coffee Creamer.

#4. KetoLogic Shake. This becomes a staple for so many. It is a great tasting meal replacement that is a FAT shake with moderate protein. Which fits in perfect. And not only can you drink it as a shake but you can make many other recipes from it. Like ice cream and pancakes.

#5. Snacks - Nuts or my personal favorite, Anything at all from FBOMB. They have some great macadamia nut butters, pork sticks, cheese crisps and Real Nutty Bars. I love them. And they make it SO SO SO easy to get in those fat grams for the day.
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May 26, 2021
So if you don't like Salmon - what other fish would you recommend to eat? I always have been a swordfish girl or a flounder - but i cook both in butter with lemon juice. So I'm getting some fat in there probably not as much as the salmon - but would love to see what other recommendations you would have?

Absolutely love the nut butters (Thanks Coach for sharing your love of them with me and the community!). I do want to try the pork sticks and see what those are all about. Sounds like they would be a good quick on the go snack which is good for road trips or just a quick snack while working out in the yard.
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Jun 7, 2021
I whipped some butter with some garlic salt and onion powder and now I add that to everything. I put it on my fish or chicken while it's cooking. I added it to my green beans, my broccoli, scrambled eggs. gets me great flavor and adds some fat. Have learned to add MCT oil to things to get a little fat as well.
Sometimes I use a slice of cheese as a piece of bread for a Brat or a burger.