Can you "Afford" a cheat day?


May 11, 2021
"What about a Cheat Meal"?

In this story Introducing- Misty, Nicole and Tom (names have been changed to protect the innocent) :

Misty in this example is a single parent of two kids and she works 3 jobs day and night to make ends meet. Misty has learned how to adapt and stretch every dollar that comes in. Her and her EX used to buy anything that they wanted. They would just spend everything that they made and then he ran off and left her with a ton of debt to figure out on her own. The Repo man came and took their car and she had to sell her house and move into an apartment. Her and her ex husband's spending for years put her in a bad position but she now has been paying down the debt. Misty finally has her life together after struggling and working 3 jobs for 3 years. She rents a very small modest apartment way out on the other side of town. Misty buys clothes at a consignment shop, clip coupons and always tells her two kids that "NO, you can't have those Lego's until its your birthday, or be sure to tell Santa". Misty has a very dependable Volvo, it has 300k miles on it but it has never let her down yet. Its not as nice as the big Escalade that her and her EX used to have, but she realizes that it makes more sense. She doesn't even miss the other car, it wasn't practical anyway. Misty never buys herself too many things, the things that she fantasizes about in commercials or on TV's she will get down the road. But right now her focus is on her family. Her family only goes out to eat for special occasions because it costs too much. Now we are all made differently and we all have different love languages. So in this example lets say that Misty loves vacation. And if she could choose anything it would be to take her kids away on a vacation to the beach because they love it so much, and everyone has different importance rankings. However, she knows that after all the money from the 3 jobs comes in, and all the re-occurring bills go out - there is $225 extra dollars a month. Which is awesome and so much better than it used to be. But that extra $225 has to make that last all month. So, that means grocery store, school clothes, school supplies, and Misty will want to put as much of that into savings because un-expected expenses happens all the time. Every single month Misty has been saving $50 bucks a month towards that beach trip and has built up a decent savings account but it gives her peace of mind to finally have some money she can count on if something happened. - Now I know you read this and go, what does that have to do with Keto, and let along dieting?? Stay with me here..

Misty's best friend Nicole got Misty one of the jobs that she works, at Tom's Retail Mart (TRM). Now, Nicole she is married and has 1 kid. Her husband pays most of the bills but they are really struggling too. The both bring in good money but unlike Misty, Nicole spends money like water. Nicole has maxed out 3 credit cards and keeps fighting with her husband about spending money at every paycheck. She buys herself purses and clothes and buys her kids a ton of toys that no one needs just because they WANT them. However, Nicole has worked at TRM for awhile and is a manager, so she does ok and makes more money than Misty. But she spends it faster than she can make it. Her and her husband have tons of debt, have maxed out credit cards, borrowed money from family and friends and still spend it as soon as it comes in. Nicole traded in her nice new car on the newest model and got upside down on her payment. But she has the car she wants even if she is 2 months behind on the payment. Nicole realizes that she can't live like this forever, and plans to save some each week, but she never does. Each month she is surprised that she has enough money to make it from the following month. Yet she does and she keeps going, knowing it will not last. It is just a matter of time. She really can't remember how she got into this debt with all the money that her and husband make together. How did this even happen. 10 years ago they both had a lot in savings.

Again - diet....keto.... nothing about that yet??? What gives --- ok almost there. One more person to add to the mix. Tom -

So at TMR, the owner of the store is Tom. Tom has never been married. He has worked his whole life and he doesn't have any kids. While all Tom's friends were out partying thru college, he was working for his dad and growing these awesome stores. Tom didn't really have much growing up and lived in a run down mobile home most of his life. He knew that he if he just kept at it for 5 to 6 years he would be able to grow these stores. Tom had a vision for success. Tom knew what he wanted in life and he was going to get it, even if it took a long time. Tom is now the same age as Misty and Nicole but Tom makes GREAT money. He brings in thousands more than his re-occurring bills equal each month. So Tom never really goes to the grocery store, he eats out breakfast, lunch and dinner. He still eats healthy, but he doesn't cook much for himself. I mean He is single -so he still drinks a KetoLogic shake and tries to stay in shape (finally something about keto) - but the point is that money is nothing for Tom. He is very successful and has worked hard to get where he is at. So, today Tom is upgrading his TV in the living room to the best and most expensive one available. He is now replacing the best one that was available a year ago, and every time he upgrades he just moves the old tv into a different room. Well, now he has a TV in every single room of his house and has no where to put the old one. Tom goes and buys this nice new expensive TV and puts it up on the wall, and sets the old one in the garage.

So a few days later he over hears Misty talking to Nicole about how she is trying to make ends meet and has only 1 small TV. Tom says, "hey Misty - I have an amazing TV that was $5,000 brand new. It is only 1 year old and I will be happy to sell it to YOU for only $300 bucks". Misty says, "wow that is a GREAT deal but I just can't afford that right now, I am really trying to save our money currently. We have school coming up soon and I will have a lot of expenses and I just can't swing it". Now Nicole jumps in and says "hey if she Misty doesn't want it, I will take it". And Nicole buys the TV for 300 bucks. Now - she JUST bought a new TV a few months ago but she will find somewhere to put this one. The 300 bucks would have went to her credit card payment, but hey, she could just pay the minimum this month, it will be ok.

--- Found the correlation yet?? --

I like to talk about this like we talk about money because we understand that. $$ is a little more Black and White, more like math. And money is in our FACE more. Its much harder to put on the back burner like we do our health sometimes. So you know how much you bring in weekly and you know how much you can afford to spend or to take out of savings to buy something. Lifestyle/Dieting is really no different. So take the examples above and use the same concept of spending and apply it to eating/dieting. Everyone has different incomes and have different spending. Just like FOOD habits and Money habits. The main question is simple. What is your GOAL and what can you AFFORD?

MISTY -how can we correlate her $$ into diet/food. In this example Misty used to be a bad eater. She used to let food control her life. She was a boarder line diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. She ate whatever she wanted in life until it caught up with her. The bad doctors reports was the warning that she needed to get things in line. She stopped her frivolous eating and she cleaned up her diet. It wasn't easy she had to stop eating alot of the things she used to just grab in a pinch. She had to start watching the food that she was bringing in. Her goal for the past three years was getting healthier and losing some weight. Now its been 3 years, she has been doing keto and she has finally lost a ton of weight and she finally doesn't feel lost. She still has about 50 more lbs to loose but she has her a goal in mind. She wants to look amazing in her bikini and go to the beach. She could go to the beach now and be happy from where she was, but she just isn't quite there yet. So, when you ask Misty if she COULD cheat on her diet, the answer is SURE, she COULD. I mean she could AFFORD to, but she won't. She works out and she makes really good choices most of the time. If she REALLY wanted to eat something, she COULD cheat.. it would just prolong her beach day of rocking that bikini. But Misty is almost there and has already lost a lot of weight. She just knows how far she has come and she can AFFORD to cheat, she just doesn't want to reset anything.

NICOLE - Nicole was told about 3 months ago that she was going to be a diabetic and she really hasn't changed anything. She knows that every French fry and every pop-tart that she eats is adding up. She plans on doing something about it, but really hasn't yet. She starts each Monday thinking she will do ok but always has blown it by Friday. Even the days that she does workout, she ends up eating fast food and sweets and just listens to her WANTS and not her needs. She eats clean for 3 days and then BOOM cheats again. Her and her husband used to be the best looking in college. But now they both have put on so much weight that people don't recognize them anymore. So can Nicole afford to cheat?? No she really can't afford to at all. She is gaining weight every single month and is just getting worse and worse. I mean, she plans on starting again next Monday but a little cheat here and there is not that big of a deal to her. She will eventually will be MADE to focus on her health because she will run out of options. She is totally unhealthy and can't AFFORD any more horrible eating. She has to make some changes now or she may suffer a heart attach or stroke. I am pretty sure that she is a Diabetic now. Her next doctor's appointment she will be given more medicine for sure. She has no choice but to change or it will be too late -

Tom- Tom is young. He works out all the time. Tom has always watched what he has eaten. Most of time he eats super clean. Tom used to be a scrawny kid but he put in his hours in the gym. He has worked out hard and watched what he has eaten most of his life. Now there are times where he will have a bad meal but TOM has super low body fat and pretty much looks just the way he wants to. Tom has reached his goal weight and loves the way he looks. Not only that but he has gotten a clean bill of health from the dr. Sure Tom realizes that he could lose an extra 5lbs and be ripped, but he doesn't really care about that so much. So he can AFFORD to order a taco and chips with his salad and diet coke sometimes. Tom would still never really drink a regular coke, because he still cares about the calories too much and likes the diet just as much. But since Tom really has reached his goals, he can AFFORD to have a cheat meal here and there because he is not working to get healthier or trying to reach a specific goal. He can maintain that lifestyle really easy as he does Keto MOST of the time and has a Cheat FOOD here and there.

******* Tom took an amazing cake from a local bakery to work and offered the two girls a slice. Misty said that she was working towards her goal and really couldn't AFFORD to eat one. She knew how hard she has worked to be so close to her goal. She just can't do it. But man it looked amazing- it just wasn't worth it. Nicole knew that she had been eating clean for a few days, but this was butter-cream icing from PAIVI's Bakery and too good to pass up so she rewarded her self for her 2 days of clean eating and ate that piece of cake. She told herself that since she had done good for those days - it was ok. Maybe she would even go workout later, even though she never has went before.****

So can you "afford" to cheat. It depends on where you are with your program and if you are trying to hit a health, wellness, or fitness goal. If you are, realize that those cheats for sure set you back. You can still reach your goal but the further you are from your goal the less you should be "cheating". You need to put your head down and have tunnel vision and get to where you are trying to go. You can't make great time on a trip if you are stopping every 15 minutes.

PS --- Tom ended up giving Misty one of the other TV's in the spare bedroom for free. So in the end she still got it and didn't have to pay for it. Just another example of how keeping your eyes on your goal and things just seem to fall into place. Tom and Misty were seen holding hands the other day - it's looking pretty serious. :)
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