Jumping Jack Driveway Sprints


May 11, 2021
Challenge Logic 8

*Jumping Jack Driveway Sprints

To get heart rate increased on a Sprint that is directly followed by 30 jumping jacks - let heart rate return to normal
on cool down - Then repeat.


  • Doesn't have to be your Driveway - anywhere that has a 20-30 yard area.
  • Walk the 20-30 yard area or driveway a few times to warm up and get some blood flowing.
  • IF you driveway or area has an incline at all - you will want to run UP the incline. - be sure to just jog or walk the area a few times to feel warmed up. Stretch a little and do some body-weight squats to loosen up the knees.
  • When you feel warmed up - Sprint as fast as you can from start to finish and the second you reach the stopping point you will do 30 jumping jacks (see below)
  • WALK back to the starting point and wait until your breathing returns to normal and heart rate falls and then REPEAT for a total of 10 times.
  • ******* IF you are unable to sprint then go at your own pace, but just be honest with yourself and make that pace MORE than your regular walk. Even if its just a tad faster than you would walk it.
Right after you cross the finish line of your sprint - (while heart rate is elevated) we are doing 30 JUMPING JACKS. -if you can't get 30 that is fine. Get as many as you can.

(a) Stand with your feet together and hands at your sides
(b) Now simultaneously swing your arms above your head and jump to spread your feet wide and then reverse. That's one rep. Repeat. Until you get to 30 reps DIRECTLY at the end of the Driveway Sprint.
(c) Walk back down to the beginning of the sprint allowing heart rate to fall back down, and let breathing return to normal before the next sprint.
****** These workouts are to just give you ideas on how to move more. Please push yourself to try them, but modify them however needed if they are too hard. The whole idea of these updates is to fulfill the "move-more" section of the Keto30 Program"