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Jun 18, 2021
Hi guys OK very new to Keto I guess. I’ve been doing this about it for 3-4 weeks now. I did Chirothin prior to this and lost about 18 pounds but it was so restrictive it only allowed me 500 cal a day basically a starvation diet. After having my one on one with Dennis I learned so much and so many things that I was doing wrong which as a nurse I knew what was wrong with the diet but it was working and I was losing. Since pretty much going off the diet the last month I’ve gained 2 to 3 pounds which isn’t a big deal but when you’re very short like me and I’ve come as far as I did I feel like it’s a major setback even though I know it’s not. Doing keto makes me feel healthy and stronger and frustrated at the same time if that makes sense. I feel like I can’t get my fats in and when I miss exercise I feel deflated because there are some days let’s face it life takes over and your family takes over and you just can’t get it all in a day😞. But I did go to work retreat yesterday and everybody brought a ton of amazing food I stuck with everything that was keto friendly and my favorite cake chocolate with peanut butter icing was there chocolate chip cookies and chips and I skipped all three and stuck with fruit vegetables and a bunless burger. But I also didn’t get all of my steps in yesterday nor did I do any exercise UGG!!! My goal really is to be healthy and to lose another 10 to 15 pounds and be where I was at a healthy weight.

I’ll be 50 in September I have a son that’s in the Marine Corps and a daughter that’s a nurse also she and her husband had her first baby in May 💗Olivia and she is beautiful my family is my world. My husband also sustained a traumatic injury breaking both his legs back in January which was a major setback not only in his life but mine as I put on more weight but then in April I walked by a mirror and saw what I look like and nearly bawled my eyes out. Nothing fit me except sweatpants so that’s when I turned to Chirothin and I did the finished most of the program because it was paid for…. I was weak and tired on that diet I would never recommend that to anybody.
I really am trying and I want to make this work any advice anybody can give me a greatly appreciate it my downfall is chips and i guess low self esteem unfortunately. I struggled with my weight alll my life. And i can finally admit i did have bulimia in high school I rarely admit that to anyone! I know this is a judgement free zine and safe❤️❤️