The Importance Of Sodium On Keto


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Apr 29, 2021
Electrolytes in general are a key part to a successful keto diet. But sodium is one of the most underrated electrolytes and often the most under-consumed electrolyte we take in.

The question is why?

You’ve been coaxed into believing that consuming too much sodium will cause health problems. Things like elevated blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, stomach cancer and kidney disease. What you may not know is that you are typically only at a higher risk for these conditions when you are consuming copious amounts of carbohydrates.

You see, when you consume large amounts of carbohydrates, you tend to hold water within the body. This is known as glycogen. When you cut your consumption of carbs, you lose that water and with that water loss, you also lose the ability to store essential electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and sodium. If you do not increase your sodium intake on a ketogenic diet, you can experience electrolyte imbalance which could cause water retention, weight gain, headaches, heart palpitations and more.

The recommended daily intake varies depending on your body and any health conditions you may have, but it's best to supplement with an electrolyte powder every day. Be sure to also pick up a good quality sea salt of pink Himalayan salt and don’t hesitate to add it to all of your meals!

Do you supplement with electrolytes and ensure you get enough sodium each day?


May 11, 2021
Love the KetoLogic Electrolyte powder -- here is a link to it below.

and also here is a picture of what the container looks like:
ketoelec.JPG it was super quick and easy posting this picture BTW


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May 26, 2021
This is really interesting! I was someone that the doctors told me I had high blood pressure and needed to go on meds. I went on the meds and got the worst dry mouth ever. When I just had my yearly physical with my primary care doctor in December 2020 and shared with her that I was going to be starting the Keto Diet in January - she was THRILLED for me. She has not seen me yet as I don't go to the doctors often unless its for a physical or I have a serious illness or injury, but I know when she seems me next she is going to be very happy with my progress!

Absolutely LOVE the raspberry blend Ketologic electrolytes! SO gooood!!! I have it every day. I did learn the valuable lesson what happens to myself when I don't drink them every day - keto flu. I couldn't get warm all night one night and couldn't figure out why. The next day I realized I never had the electrolytes that I usually had and I had been at a funeral for a loved one, so was crying - should have definitely kept up with the electrolytes!
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